Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I recently applied for an ICICI bank credit card, and was most surprised to see that my Application was denied. The man on the phone was most rude and told me that my "credit rating" was bad.

All my colleagues, with the same pay packages have all had their applications approved.

This is most ironic, cause, I do the same for a living. I accept/deny people loans based on my evaluation of the risk to my client (summa konjom sood :D)!

Now, thinking about a few possible reasons why my application got rejected.

I realise how idiotic I have been while applying for the card

1.) Banks routinely check for name-email matches, because many models suggest that people with the name -email matching are much liklier to be genuine.

Now my name is Ashwin Sekar, and the email id I gave them was acewinsekar@gmail.com

Their matching algorithm must be pretty inane if they could not pick up the 'Sekar' common to both. But still, I could have been more careful
Another mistake I did, was I did not declare that I had a computer and a telephone connection at home. Why I did not is pretty much a mystery to me now. It would have been treated as an asset thery improving my rating.

Pretty idiotic of me..

Now I have thought about the options I have to get the credit card I desperately need.

1. I can call up the bank and tell them about the problem and try to get myself approved. But this is most likely going to make the bank think that I am a desperate Customer and make them all the more reluctant to issue the card to me.

2. This seems a better way to me, although its more of a long term plan. The strat is to apply to many banks, and once they have gone through the preliminary checks, which anyone will surely pass, call them up and tell them that you no longer need the card.
This measure is guaranteed to boost up your credit rating( you are not desperate) and banks will be falling over themselves to give cards.

3. This is the best, Insider information from citibank and HDFC suggest that their algorithm for issuing credit cards is :

1st step: Graduate ? if Y -> Engineer? if Y --> Software Professional?? y -> issue credit card
| |
| V
V Check salary and verify address? oK? then issue card

If No---> a plethora of checks

So the easiest way is to convince them that I am a software professional.
How I am gonna manage that is another different story altogether :D

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Am I changing??

I of all people have been getting lots of enthu for work. I have been staying way past normal hours to finish work, and have even volunteered to work on a saturday... all these signs... are they the symptoms of the onset of workholism??

I hope not... I will give myself the benefit of the doubt and put this recent behavioural abberration, this deviant behaviour from the norms; to the beginning over-enthu phase which i experience from time to time.

Will keep myself under observation before passing judgement!

Friday, July 21, 2006


The DOT of India has come up with ideas so brilliant to tackle the menace of terorism that it makes me wonder.... WTF???

India's progress is assured with such brilliant egg heads sitting at the corridors of power.

How else can one explain the decision to first ban blogs such as blogspot and then later arbitarily block all latest posts after the mumbai blasts. And my latest post (the previous one) has suffered the same fate too... %&***&&^

I can acess my previous post through http://kproxy.com... and thank god for that!, but it doesnt show up if i try to goto my blog directly!

Now will someone explain what the hell is happening???
I might as well go and live in china, the way things seem to be heading in the world's largest democracy... worrrrrrrrrssssssssst!!

Hoping this rant atleast sees the light of the day

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Its time!

The time is 11.50 AM, Sunday the 16th of July, 2006.

Today, I am leaving IITM.

Today is the final time , I will ever post a blog from my room.

Today, is the final time, I will walk along the long corridor to get water from the mess, the way we (the whole wing ) used to do.

Today, is the final time for many a thing.

Its ironical, that when i finally bid adieu, I do so tearfully, with no one to share my sorrow, while I sent my friends off so cheerfully. The four walls of my room stand silent testimony to my anguish, the extreme sense of loss that i feel now.

I miss all those great moments we spent with each other, without a care in the world. I miss the leg pulling, with me being the butt of jokes most of the time.

I miss those fart sessions at pointy's room.

I miss everything and everyone.

I hope junta keep their promises and keep meeting up regularly, where ever they are!

good bye friends... good bye IITM

thanks for all the lovely times.

Love you all,

A tearful Khatta

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A vida é cruel!!

Life doesnt seem worth living anymore. Nothing feels right. I sit in front of my comp at midnight, unable to sleep, with all my hopes, my dreams dashed.

My friend reminds me that I am supposed to be at work tomorrow at 8, but how could he even think of putting something as trivial as work over this .... this tragedy? its downright obnoxious.

Why does it always happen to me god?? Why cant I ever have my wish? Why does it have to be me against whom you are always conniving?

For the last 2 months, I have been fervently wishing for just one thing. But it wasnt meant to be. All because of a certain Jens Lehmann.

With time, I hope, I will get over this psychological scar, this body blow which has left feeling me so despondent and utterly hopeless.

Shit! I know I wont...

Germany Bt Argentina 4 - 2 on Penalties!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Advice from all Quarters!!!

Here I am on the cusp of a big change in my life! gone are the good old student days, I am a big man now! I am going to start working from tomorrow!

So, I have been recieving well meaning but often contradictory advice.

Grandma says Look before you Leap while grandpa comes up with he who hesitates is lost

Mom says There's safety in numbers but dad believes Its better to be alone than in bad company!

A little more research lead to this....

Birds of a feather flock together but Opposites Attract

You r never to old too learn but u cant teach an old dog new tricks

Ask no questions and hear no lies but ask and you shall recieve

Doubt is the beginning, not the end of wisdom but faith will move mountains

Dont cross the bridge till you come to it but forewarned is forearmed

Silence is Golden but the squealy wheel gets the grease

A miss is as good as a mile but half a loaf is better than none

An old fox is not easily snared but there's no fool like an old fool

A good beginning makes a good ending but its not over till its over

If at first , u dont succeed try, try again but dont beat a dead horse

Hold fast to the words of your ancestors

Wise men make proverbs, fools (like me) repeat them.

p.s: hope to bolg regularly from now on again... feels good to be back!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Desponess redefined!

below is an actual conversation between a girl and a guy(if u can call him that) on orkut...

guy: hi jaan no angry plz .. frandship is god gift .. we all frandship and loveship so no fight and world peaceful forever

female: u havent read my profile properly..i have mentioned that people like you shud not send me friend requests...clearly i cant be bothered making you my friend..

guy: oh jaan .. no angry plz .. plz no hate meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. just love me and frandship me please

female: wat da...? oi..i dnt care wat ur "lovship and frndship" means...jus stay away..LOSER!!!

guy: i am heart patient plz no shout at me plz plz plz

female: doesnt seem like you understand english..phew! dont send me anymore friend requests..i am tired of responding..and i dont think you are a heart patient u mental!!

guy:oh comon baby i have scooter also .. i dance also .. veyr good hot boy .. we gonna have fun together mam

Need I say more?

the participants: the Guy and the hapless female